Ethics and Compliance

Mission & Responsibility

The Mission of the Office of Ethics and Compliance (OEC) is to assist the administration and Board of Trustees of the College to identify, avoid, and mitigate risks by fostering a culture of ethical behavior marked by integrity, openness, honesty, accountability, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. These specific behaviors must be followed by everyone as an element of corporate citizenship and business necessity.

The OEC was established to demonstrate, in the clearest possible terms, the absolute commitment of the College to the highest standards of compliance and ethics. At the same time, our Values and Standard Code of Conduct are very important to us. We live these Values and will take prompt, appropriate action when the behavior of other individuals contradicts our established standards and policies.

In addition to building a culture of ethical behavior, the program is designed to prevent, detect and eliminate regulatory violations, fraud, and abuse if they should exist within the College. We also provide all employees with policies, procedures, informational resources and training that promote law-abiding and ethical actions in all workplace conduct. This is accomplished by identifying institutional risks; performing audits, reviews and investigations; and augmenting compliance through effective education and training programs.

The College fully complies with all relevant laws and all contract and grant requirements, in accordance with Federal, state and local laws and regulations.  We also comply with our own internal policies, procedures, high standards of integrity, and accountability for understanding these requirements.  While employees are not expected to know all the laws and policies that apply to the College, they are expected to know and follow those that apply to their specific job function. We expect that everyone who is part of the College community, including trustees, faculty, staff and student employees will adhere to such standards in their dealings with each other and with those beyond the College community.

Please direct all inquiries concerning ethics and compliance at the College to: 

Office of Ethics and Compliance
Gloster Hall, Room 109
Fax: 404-659-6106

"Compliance is what we have to do – Ethics is how we choose to do it!"