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How do I submit a request for financial assistance for housing, food insecurity, travel, or technology assistance?

  • A couple of weeks ago we opened a process through which students could request assistance from the College.
  • Use the following link to request financial assistance
  • The form will be available through March 20, 2020 until 5 p.m. EST.

What documentation do I need to submit a request?

  • Submit any receipts, invoice, or travel documents (airline, bus or train tickets).

How will the requests be processed?

  • We have been fortunate to receive in-kind gifts and services as well as funds through the Student Emergency Assistance Fund established by our Office of Institutional Advancement:
  • Requests will be filled from the above resources and through the below basic criteria.
    • Need: This includes technology for online learning, food, and travel
    • Displacement: This includes temporary housing accommodations

Is there an income criteria for consideration?

  • No.

What is the average award amount?

  • It varies based on the need or displacement.

Do I have to provide documentation on how the money was spent?

  • Yes.

Can the award be deposited directly into my account or mailed to me as a check? 

  • It depends on the type of award. In some cases, it can be a gift card, in other cases, it will be the College directly purchasing the type of service.

Can my parents submit a request for financial assistance on my behalf if I do not have the documentation necessary to complete the request?

  • Parents will not be able to submit a request for financial assistance; however, documentation can be submitted by a parent to verify/justify the request.

Can my parents request financial assistance for themselves to help to provide Internet or a computer for me?

  • No. Applications for financial assistance must be completed by the student. 

Can parents request financial assistance for graduation fees and tuition due to the hardship created by having to cover the expenses of helping me to relocate?

  • No. Applications for financial assistance must be completed by the student.