About The Public Health Sciences Institute

The Public Health Sciences Institute (PHSI), a program in the Division of Science and Mathematics, is the only undergraduate program with a concentration in public health in the Atlanta University Center (AUC). Its primary goal is to better prepare underrepresented minority students for entry into graduate programs at schools of public health with special emphasis on the quantitative areas of biostatistics, epidemiology, and occupational safety and health as well as health policy & management, health promotion & behavior, environmental health science, nutrition, global health, maternal & child health, and industrial hygiene.


  • Provide educational training program in public health
  • Enhance research skills through research mentoring experiences in public health
  • Provide financial support for student-faculty research teams
  • Provide research-based internship opportunities in public health
  • Increase interest among AUC students in pursuing careers in public health
  • Heighten interest among AUC faculty in carrying out public health research

Since its establishment in 1988, PHSI has had a large impact on students, especially those in the AUC. The number of AUC students attending graduate school in public health has tripled during the last ten years. The vast majority of these students have participated in one or more PHSI's highly successful programs. Our programs, along with activities that provide career counseling and increase career awareness, constitute a solid core on which students can build a career in public health.