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The Frederick Douglass Learning Resource Center (LRC)

The Frederick Douglass Learning Resource Center (LRC) in Douglass Hall is the pulse of student academic activity with its computer lab, reading room, and study rooms. A view of Morehouse history surrounds each student as he studies in the rotunda of the facility. Located in the middle of freshmen student dormitories, Douglass Hall offers an environment conducive for academic enhancement. Douglass is open 24 hours for study and printing from 3pm Sunday to 11pm Friday with hours on Saturday 9am-5pm. Students take advantage of this opportunity to study in a safe environment on campus. Student study groups, student organizations and commuter students use the LRC as a base to meet and work on group projects.

LRC Reading Room
LRC Reading Room

With the addition of three (3) large screen televisions, activities on campus are listed and current events are constantly viewed by the students. Other programs in Douglass include: the Librarian's Office Hours (LOH) in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) designed with the busy student in mind to provide one-on-one services with an expert in an open setting; peer tutors use the facility to reach students after hours; and workshops and lectures are presented in conjunction with academic departments in the LRC for students, faculty, staff and community.

The Learning Resource Center works with students by helping them to navigate a road to academic success.


Frederick Douglass Learning Resource Center
Douglass Hall
830 WestviewDrive, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30314
(404) 215-2747
Herman Mason, Jr.

Anita Whatley
Associate Director

Jamal Pearce
Lab Coordinator