By engaging scholars, students, researchers, the social justice community, policymakers, and the general public, BMRI will engage in activities that advance understanding of Black masculinities through various disciplinary lenses and as an important consideration for social, cultural, historical, and policy matters.

Programming currently in development includes:


An annual symposium will identify a different topic each year on which three renowned scholars/practitioners would speak. Presenters will deliver an individual paper to which a Morehouse faculty member and student will respond. On the last day of the symposium, all panelists will participate in a concluding round table discussion in which they respond to each other and the audience.

Public Lectures

BMRI will sponsor public lectures that addresses prominent issues or perspectives on Black male experiences in
the United States and internationally. While the focus of the public lectures will include academics able to provide insightful commentary on various subjects, effort will be made to identify practitioners who may not be affiliated with a college or university but can offer ideas that represent important contributions to ongoing dialogs. Opportunities for connection with Morehouse classes will be promoted to allow for full engagement with ideas and experiences.

Curriculum Development Workshops

Curriculum Development Workshops provide a space for faculty to enhance existing courses or conceive of new classes with multidisciplinary perspectives on Black masculinities studies that are grounded in humanities scholarship.

Teaching and Scholarship Funding

BMRI will provide funding for humanities faculty and students to develop curriculum and engage in scholarship work related to Black masculinities.

Social Justice Funding

BMRI will facilitate grant awards focusing on public and community projects that advance the Institute for Black Masculinities Studies’ goal of fostering more nuanced understandings of policies affecting Black men and their communities.


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