Jennifer G. Andrews, M.A., Ph.D.

Morehouse College

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Division Faculty
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
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Areas of Expertise

  • Personality psychology; art psychology; narrative psychology; environmental psychology.


  • Andrews, J., & Blakey, A. (2023).  Assessing gender differences and well-being in birth narratives for HBCU studentsManuscript in preparation for submission.
  • Andrews, J., Ammirati, R., & Andrews, C. (2023).  Birding Benefits: Implications for Mental Health, Equity, and ConservationManuscript in preparation for submission.
  • Andrews, J., Fivush, R., Zaman, W., Merril, N., & Duke, M. (2016).  Gender differences in adolescent birth narratives.  Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition.
  • Andrews, J., Lilienfeld, S., & Duke, M. (2013).  An animal model of compulsive hoarding in humans.  Review of General Psychology, 17, 399-419. doi: 10.1037/a0032261
  • Andrews-McClymont, J. (2008).  The Place of Psychotherapy. Voices: The art and science of Psychotherapy, 44. American Academy of Psychotherapists: Garner, NC.



  • Phi Beta Kappa – Emory University, 2000
  • Phi Eta Sigma – Emory University, 1999
  • Who’s Who of American Colleges and Universities, 2001
  • Psi Chi – Morehouse College, 2020
  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • APS (Association for Psychological Science)
  • GPS (Georgia Psychological Society): Executive Member of the Board
  • Challenge: Editorial board member for Morehouse Journal

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