Office of Institutional Advancement

Stewardship & Donor Relations

Stewardship Mission 
The mission of the Office of Stewardship and Donor Relations is to carefully and responsibly manage resources entrusted to Morehouse in an intentional, purposeful and relational manner in an effort to help move supporters who have invested in the life of the College to their highest and most consistent level of philanthropy. Fundamentally, stewardship is one of Development’s most strategic priorities because it concentrates on the College’s commitment to create, strengthen and deepen its connection with every donor, sponsor and volunteer who chooses to support Morehouse.  In essence, it’s not just the act of thanking donors.  It is, instead, a philosophy rooted in the desire to see the institution’s benefactors as partners in our work by honoring their generosity and demonstrating the profound impact their gifts are making on Morehouse College.