2022-2023 Schedule of Fees


2022-2023 Tuition & Mandatory Student Fees

Fall/Spring – Traditional Students
Number of Hours RegisteredTuitionMandatory FeesTotal Tuition & Mandatory Fees
12 to 18**$13,519.00$1,215.00$14,734.00
Summer – Traditional Students
Per credit hour tuition charge$590.00
Mandatory Student Fee$249.00
  • *Student Health Insurance is mandatory if the student is not approved for a waiver. The current rate is $488 for fall and $675 for spring/summer and is subject to change.
  • ** An Additional $652 Tuition charge will be assessed for each credit hour over 18 (overload).
Student Fees – Study Abroad
Fall/Spring Flat Rate Tuition$15,500.00
Fall/Spring Study Abroad Mandatory Student Fee$667.00
Summer Flat Rate Tuition$8,800.00
Summer Study Abroad Mandatory Student Fee$286.00
New Student Fees*
Acceptance Deposit (Traditional Students)$588.00
New Student Orientation (Fall, Traditional)$755.00
New Student Orientation (Spring, Traditional)$201.00

*All are one-time, non-refundable fees applicable to traditional new students only.

Other Fees
Late Registration (Fall/Spring)$152.00
Course Audit Fee (Per Credit Hour)$181.00
Academic Transcript$10.00
Post Office Box Key Replacement$22.00
Parking Permit (Per Semester)$293.00
ID/Meal Card Replacement$51.00
Summer Cross-Registration (Morehouse Student)$34.00
Summer Term Admissions Application (Non-Morehouse Students)$56.00
Late Registration (Summer Term)$114.00
Graduation Fee (Mandatory for Seniors)$503.00
Late Graduation Application$152.00
Refund Paper Check (Each)$11.00
Refund Card Replacement (Each)$32.00
Refund Reversal (Each)$17.00
Late Payment Fee (Per Month)1.5% of Balance
Returned Check (each)$59.00
Morehouse Online Degree Program
Per Credit Hour Tuition Charge$600.00
Mandatory Student Fee$235.00
Acceptance Deposit*$150.00
New Student Orientation*$150.00

*All are one-time, non-refundable fees applicable to new Morehouse online students only.

Room Charges
Traditional Residence Hall – Roommate$3,923.00
Traditional Residence Hall – Core Single$4,890.00
Traditional Residence Hall – Roommate Plan (Summer Only)$896.00
Otis Moss Suites – 4 Bedroom Suite$4,765.00
Otis Moss Suites – 2 Bedroom Suite$5,123.00
Otis Moss Suites – 1Bedroom Suite$6,310.00
Otis Moss Suites – 4 Bedroom Apartment$5,035.00
Otis Moss Suites – 2 Bedroom Apartment$5,635.00
Meal Plans (Board)
Unlimited Meals + 230 DCB Dollars*$3,268.00
14 Meals per week + 510 DCB Dollars**$2,924.00
10 Meals per week + 204 DCB Dollars**$1,941.00
5 Meals per week + 714 DCB Dollars**$1,682.00
75 Block Meals per semester + 230 DCB Dollars**$948.00
Traditional Residence Hall (Summer Only)$1,097.00

*Required for traditional residence hall residents; optional for off-campus students.

**Available for off-campus students only

Residential Student Fees
Damage/Breakage Deposit*$216.00
Community Fine$33.00
Garbage/Debris in Room$118.00
Improper Room Check Out$33.00
Late Departure (Per Day)$180.00
Lock Change$89.00
Vandalism/Deface College Property**$61.00

*One-time fee, refundable.

**Additional fees may be assessed based on the cost of repairs and housing violation.

 Course Fees
Language Laboratory Fee$51.00
Biology Laboratory Fee$89.00
Physics Lab Fee$79.00
Physical Science Lab Fee$51.00
Psychology Lab Fee$51.00
Biological Science Fee$51.00
Chemistry Lab Fee$112.00
Chemistry Instrumentation$102.00
Organic Chemistry Lab Fee$112.00
Physical Chemistry Lab Fee$89.00
S.S. Physical Chemistry Lab Fee$89.00
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All tuition charges, fees, room, board, or other charges are subject to change.