Installment Plan

installment plan

We offer a semester-based installment plan that enables you to budget for each semester with a maximum of five monthly payments. Please note, our installment plan is not available for Morehouse Online students at this time.

Our installment plan allows you to defer payment of up to 40 percent of your student account balance each semester after considering your financial aid. Financial aid is defined as any authorized or paid financial assistance (student loans, grants, parent loans, and institutional scholarships), sponsored billing payment, and waivers (tuition, fee, etc.). The first payment is a required down payment of 60 percent of your balance at the time of enrollment, and then a maximum of four additional installment payments are made. You are required to schedule your installment payments to process automatically via our autopay feature.

You must pay any past due balance from a previous semester before enrolling in this plan. Please note that your student account balance must be covered in full by an approved payment method—a combination of the payment plan budget and financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, third party sponsors). We automatically update your payment plan budget to reflect your actual student account balance.

  • There are no interest or carrying charges.
  • There is a $150 non-refundable enrollment fee to participate in the plan each semester.
  • There is a $59 service fee for any payment that is returned for insufficient funds or is not collectible for any reason.
  • Determine your budget amount for the semester by taking your annual expenses (tuition, room and board, and fees) less the total applicable anticipated financial aid (acceptance deposit, grants.
  • We encourage you to complete the financial planning worksheet to get an estimate of what your payment plan budget will be. Upon enrollment, the system will automatically calculate the budget amount for your plan based on your actual charges, payments, and anticipated financial aid. Please note that you may use the current academic year schedule of fees to estimate charges until the new schedule of fees has been published
  • Supplies and other personal expenses that are not charged directly to your student account will not be included. 

If you wish to take full advantage of this monthly payment plan, you are urged to apply early, as late enrollment in the plan requires you to pay the 60 percent down payment plus any missed installments.

How to Enroll

You must enroll online through TigerPay – our online billing and payment portal. Follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Log into BannerWeb via the Morehouse portal (Parents must be set up as an Authorized User to enroll)
  2. Select the Student Services and Financial Aid link
  3. Select the Student Account link
  4. Select the View/Pay Student Account link
  5. TigerPay will open in a new window.
  6. Select the link in the Installment Plan section and follow the steps to enroll in the plan.

Contact our office at or (470) 639-0505 if you have questions about enrollment in the installment plan.