Financial Aid and Scholarships

Scholarship Portal FAQs

Accessing the Portal
How do I apply for Morehouse scholarships?
  • Visit to log in using your MyPortal ID (full Morehouse email address) and password. Newly admitted students will find MyPortal credentials on your admissions decision letter.
    • General Application: After logging in, click “My Applications” in the navigation bar. Answer the questions as fully as possible and submit your application by clicking “Finish and Submit.” We use this application to match your credentials to available scholarships.
    • Supplemental Applications: Click the "Opportunities" tab to view and apply for scholarships with additional questions. 
What should I do if I can’t access the Morehouse College Scholarship Portal?
  • Ensure you’re using the latest version of your browser and operating system and logging in with your Morehouse email and password. It’s the same login information you use for MyPortal or received in your admissions decision letter. If you still are having trouble, email
Completing the Application
Why won’t my application “Finish and Submit?”
  • The application will not allow you to submit if you have any unanswered required questions. You will also not be able to submit if your application has any technical errors. If you have errors when you attempt to submit, they are described in a red box at the top of your application.
Why is the “Finish and Submit” button gone?
  • If the “Finish and Submit” button no longer appears, you have successfully answered all required questions. If you make any changes, click “Update My Application” to save your work. You may continue to update your application until the deadline.
Why won’t my file upload?
  • The most common error is due to an unsuccessful file upload. Files will not properly upload to the application if there are special characters in the file name (e.g., !@#$%^&.). Name your files without special characters for a successful upload. 
Will the system log me out without saving my changes?
  • Click the “Save and Keep Editing” button whenever you need to leave the application. The portal will log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity. After making changes, click the “Save and Keep Editing” button before navigating away from the page.
Will I get a confirmation that my general application has been submitted?
  • Yes. When you submit your application by clicking "Finish and Submit," we send an email confirming your submission. You may continue to edit your application up until the deadline if you wish to do so.
When is the deadline to submit a scholarship application?
  • In general, we accept scholarship applications between October 1 and May 14, however opportunities may vary based on new funding availability. Please check the scholarship portal regularly.
Accepting Awards 
How will I know if I was selected?
  • We will email scholarship acceptance letters no later than June 30 each year. Scholarships are not guaranteed if not accepted by the deadline indicated in the letter.
I got an offer email. Now what?
  • Log into the scholarship portal to review and accept offers. Offer emails contain a link to your scholarship application account.
    • Accept the Offer: Once logged in, you will see the acceptance and eligibility terms of your scholarship offer. You must accept these terms to reveive the scholarship. If you cannot meet the terms, please decline the award so that it can be offered to another student.
    • Complete the Post-Acceptance Profile: After accepting the scholarship, you will be directed to the post-acceptance profile. This includes several short-answer questions and a photo upload. We will share the information with benefactors whose generosity made this scholarship possible at Morehouse. You must complete the post-acceptance profile before we authroize the scholarship to be applied to your account.
Still have a question?

Scholarship applicants may contact Student Financial Services at or (470) 639-0959.

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