Financial Aid and Scholarships

Morehouse Academic Scholarship

Our freshmen merit-based scholarship, the Morehouse Academic Scholarship, requires no special scholarship applications. We automatically review all admitted first-time freshmen who are academically qualified for scholarship eligibility. We offer scholarships on a funds-available basis.

We send a scholarship award letter via email to students selected for a Morehouse Academic Scholarship. The email process begins in the early part of the new year and typically follows an offer of admissions.
The award amount and duration of scholarships vary. Some scholarships are renewable for up to four years, while others are renewable based upon meeting the specific scholarship criteria.

In most cases, students do not receive more than one scholarship, and it is the most beneficial scholarship offer that we can make. Morehouse College’s freshmen scholarships begin upon enrollment in the fall semester of the academic year for which they are offered. There are no scholarships that begin in the spring semester.