Transfer and Exchange Students

You may apply as a transfer student when you complete 26 semester hours at an accredited college. We look for transfer students who demonstrate a desire to academically and socially engage the faculty and student body fully. Your essay should reflect the level of writing faculty expect of first- or second-year college students. You must have two letters of recommendation—one from a faculty member and one from an administrator of the last college you attended.

Let us know if you previously applied or enrolled at Morehouse when you contact admissions. We require a Dean Certification Form completed by each institution you attended. The institutions should submit it to our admissions office. We will not make an admission decision without this form.

All transfer students must complete a minimum of 60 semester hours at Morehouse. A maximum of 60 semester hours (or the equivalent) is ordinarily transferable to Morehouse course credit if the prior college is accredited, you earn a C or better in the course, and we offer a comparable course.

We may consult Morehouse faculty on the question of course comparability, and we may ask you to submit course descriptions, syllabi, and reading lists in addition to complete official transcripts. All official transcripts need to be submitted to the Office of Admissions and bring appropriate college catalogs from all other colleges previously attended. We reserve the right to determine what credits, if any, are transferable. 

Exchange and Transient Students

If you wish to attend Morehouse for one or two semesters, you may apply as an exchange or transient student. We usually reserve this status for summer sessions and special exchange opportunities unless your home institution has a formal exchange relationship with Morehouse.

A letter of good standing and eligibility to return to the student’s home institution is required. This letter, from the academic dean or registrar of the home institution, should also indicate approval for the student to take courses at Morehouse. Exchange students spend one semester at Morehouse, while transient students may spend up to two semesters. As a transient or exchange student, you are not eligible for Morehouse financial aid funds. You are responsible for making arrangements with the home institution’s financial aid office once accepted to Morehouse.

Dean Certification Form