Test-Optional Admissions Policy

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Morehouse suspended standardized testing requirements for the Class of 2026. This policy applies to all new first-time applicants, including early and regular decision.

Because we’re relaxing the requirement, we won’t penalize applications without test scores. We encourage you to highlight other parts of your high school careers like AP and IB courses, volunteer work, social justice involvement, internships, or employment.

You are welcome to submit standardized test scores if you took them. We’ll continue to super score the SAT to get the most favorable composite score and include it and your ACT score in our review.

  • We understand that access to traditional extracurricular activities may be limited this year. We encourage you to write about your involvement throughout your high school career.
  • COVID-19 may affect many other areas of traditional academic life. These areas may include cancellation of IB exams, pass/fail grading systems, and interruption of AP testing. We will consider these circumstances and ensure you are not penalized.
  • The Common Application provides a space designated for sharing how COVID-19 impacted you. We encourage you to provide any information that may help us better review your application.

Are other universities or colleges enacting similar test-optional policies?

  • Yes. About 800 institutions already deemphasized standardized tests for next fall’s incoming class of students. This list includes some of the top universities and institutions in the United States.

Are any applicants required to submit test scores?

  • International applicants must submit either the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE if English is not your first language, as indicated on the Common Application.

Without the submission of test scores, how will you evaluate my application?

  • We will place additional consideration in other application areas, including letters of recommendation, essay questions on the Common App, and demonstrated leadership or participation in extracurricular or volunteer activities.

Do I need to notify Morehouse if I’m not submitting test scores?

  • You can indicate on the application that you will not submit scores.

Am I eligible for merit-based scholarships without test scores?

  • Yes. If you do not submit test scores, you are eligible for merit-based scholarships. However, there are still some scholarships that require test scores that predate the adoption of the test-optional policy.

Will standardized tests improve my chances of getting into Morehouse?

  • No. We are taking a more holistic approach this year and de-emphasizing testing.

Is the test-optional policy permanent or only for a limited time?

  • We are committed to making higher education accessible to young men. This change applies only if you’re applying for the class of 2026. We will reassess at the end of the 2021-22 academic year and decide how to address applicants for future classes.