You're embarking on a the journey of your life, and of course you will have questions. Please find answers to many of your questions below, and let us know if you have others.

How much is my deposit?
  • The deposit fee is $588.
What does my deposit cover?
  • Your deposit is a small portion of your tuition and fees. It let's us know you are serious about coming to Morehouse so we can start making plans to welcome you as a student.
What should I do first?
  • First, submit your free intent to enroll form and then as soon as possible, submit your deposit. You have to submit your deposit before you can proceed on your enrollment journey.
Do I have to live in the residence house?
  • All freshmen and sophomores have to live in the residence houses on campus so they get the full living and learning experience for which Morehouse is known.
When can I move in?
How much does it cost to attend?
  • The estimated cost of attendance can be found here.
What if I need help paying for college?
  • Many students throughout the country receive assistance and paying for college. More information about financial assistance, including information about student loans, grants, and scholarships, can be found here.
When do I pay for my tuition and fees?
  • You'll need to pay your tuition and fees before you begin classes.
Do I need to pay all of my tuition and fees at one time?
How do I speak with someone about financial aid?
  • You can schedule an appointment to speak with a financial aid representative here.
Can I visit campus?
  • Yes. You must follow COVID-19 protocols and come in small groups. Please find information about visiting campus here.
How do I get some Morehouse gear?
  • You can purchase Morehouse-branded clothing, pennants, supplies, and other items online from our college bookstore.
If I am taking Advanced Placement tests, do I have to do the academic assessment?
  • All new students have to complete the academic assessment so we can help you start with the right courses you'll need to succeed.
When and how do I get academic advising?
  • In the spring, after you have taken your placement assessment, an academic advisor will contact you to schedule a discussion.
When do I register for classes?
  • Registration for new students will occur during New Student Orientation.
Can my family help me move in?
  • Yes. Your family can help you move in and attend special events for families during New Student Orientation.