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Upward Bound Regional Institute

Developing critical thinking, scientific and analytical skills, and effective expression.

The Upward Bound Math-Science Southeastern Regional Institute is federally funded to serve 78 first-generation and low-income students in eight states in the Southeast region. Our program provides its participants with an academically advanced and intensive 5-week residential STEM-based summer program that takes place on our campus. Students will live on campus, attend classes, and conduct research alongside college professors and field experts. The courses taken during the summer will prepare students for their upcoming academic school year. Students will also work with participants from varying states and meet new friends.

This program assists students with the development of critical thinking, scientific and analytical skills, and effective expression. Students will be given the opportunity to work in various labs and get hands-on experience. Students will be given exposure to a variety of science, math, and engineering careers. Students also will experience innovative instructional methodologies from college professors and conduct research that will be presented at the end-of-program symposium. Instruction-wise, students will take classes in math, technical writing, a range of laboratory sciences, and a foreign language. We also provide students access to year-round virtual resources such as ACT Prep, financial aid counseling, college and career counseling, and much more.

The program provides summer programs with intensive math and science training, year-round counseling and advisement, exposure to university faculty members, and participant-conducted scientific research under the guidance of faculty members or graduate students. The U.S. Department of Education fully funds the program.

Target Schools

• Ben C. Rain High School (AL)
• Lakeworth High School (FL)
• Pebblebrook High School (GA)
• Bryan Station High School (KY)
• Gulfport High School (MS)
• Southwest Edgecombe High School (NC)
• Southside High School (SC)
• East High School (TN)


All new students must complete an application.

Recommend a Student  
  • Highly motivated, disciplined, driven, and hard-working students, who:  
  • Are U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents of the United States 
  • Are rising 9th, 10th, & 11th graders in the 8 targeted states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi) 
  • Are in good academic standing · Intend to pursue a four-year college degree 
  • Meet federal government guidelines as a low-income, first-generation student 
 Program Benefits  
  • College Preparation · Academic Advising and Tutoring 
  • Summer Stipend · Career Counseling and College Visits 
  • Financial Literacy · Cultural and Enrichment Activities 
  • Provides transportation to and from the program 
  • Free · Advice and assistance in secondary and postsecondary course selection 
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance examinations and completing college admission applications 
  • Information on the full range of Federal student financial aid programs and benefits (and resources for locating public and private scholarships  

Students and staff of the Upward Bound Program believe that motivation is the prerequisite for learning. Consequently, Upward Bound doesn’t just teach to, but instead “turns on” students to the real world. Upward Bound uses each student’s personal strengths with the hope that each student will discover the values of education and themselves. The Upward Bound Program encourages participants in a highly motivational, experiential curriculum promoting cross-cultural understanding and global awareness by applying intensive language development, computer technology, visual art, and social science instruction. The summer non-residential component will provide a nurturing learning environment that stresses a holistic concern for the student’s social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. 


The program provides English/ Composition, Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, all levels of Mathematics, Foreign Language (Spanish), and Computer Literacy. Students will also participate in Financial Literacy Education and Entrepreneurial project(s) 

Program Goals 

Academic Performance (GPA) Participants served during the project year will have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better on a four-point scale at the end of the school year. 

Program Services 
  • Academic, financial, career, or personal counseling including advice on entry or re-entry to secondary or postsecondary programs 
  • Career exploration and aptitude assessment, Tutorial services · Information on postsecondary education 
  • Exposure to college campuses  
  • Information on student financial assistance 
  • Assistance in completing college admissions, scholarship, and financial aid applications 
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance exams 
  • Mentoring programs · STEAM-related curriculum 
  • Workshops for the families of participants 



Keno Jones
Program Coordinator