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Frequently Asked Questions

Arranged by topic area, the following is a list of questions frequently asked of advisors and faculty. Click the topic headline to see answers to the questions below.  

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- How can I complete a Four Year Academic Plan?
- Who determines who my advisor is?
- How do I find out who my advisor is?
- When should I meet with my advisor to get guidance on courses for the next semester?
- Does my advisor expect me to meet at times other than Advising Week?
- What is an “advising hold”?
- How do I make an advising appointment?
- What if my advisor is unavailable?
- What should I bring to my advising appointment?
- How many credits can I take each semester?
- How many credit hours do I need to be classified as a sophomore, junior or senior?
- Can I get credit for my internship, education abroad experiences, service learning?
- Who approves courses that I want to take at another institution?
- What additional advising requrements exist for student-athletes?

Learning Support

- What tutoring services are available at Morehouse?
- What assistance is available if I am having difficulty in a class?
- How can I learn about different resources at Morehouse?
- How can I register for workshops on line?
- What additional support exists for student-athletes?
- What is the Talent Assessment and Development Academy and how can I get involved?

General Education

- What is the General Education Experience?
- What are the learning outcomes of the General Education Experience?
- Can I substitute another class to count towards the General Education curriculum?
- How can I recommend a course for the General Education curriculum?
- What is the Black Life History and Culture requirement?
- When will General Education courses be tracked to ensure I am on the right track?

Major and Career Aspirations

- How do I choose a major?
- What is the difference between undecided and undeclared?
- Is the major I selected when I enrolled at Morehouse binding?
- When should I declare a major if I chose not to declare upon enrollment?
- How do I change my major?
- When can I change my major?
- How do I add a second major or degree?
- What is a double major?
- What is a double degree?
- What is a minor?
- How do I add a minor?
- What is the affirmation ceremony?


- When do I register?
- How do I register? 
- What is the deadline for adding or dropping a class?
- How do I withdraw from a class?
- How do I withdraw from Morehouse College?
- Will dropping a course affect my financial aid?
- How do I find out what classes are being offered next semester?
- How do I request an override into a class?
- How do I register for a class at Spelman or Clark Atlanta University?
- Who removes the advising hold after I have been advised?
- What happens to my courses if I do not pay fees as required?

Academic Achievement Management (contact

- Where do I go if I have a dispute with an instructor that cannot be resolved at the Department level?
- Where do I go if I have a dispute concerning my Crown Forum credits? (
- What is the readmit procedure after being separated from the College due to academic propation?


- How and when do I apply for graduation?
- Do I need to apply/sign up for Commencement/Graduation Ceremony? 
- When is Commencement/Graduation Ceremony?
- Will I need a cap and gown?
- What color tassel do I need?
- How do I know if I am graduating with honors?
- When and how will I receive my diploma? 
- How can I make a donation to Morehouse College as a member of the graduating class?


Declaration of Major 2016

Student 4 Year Planning


Advisement for Registration for Classes

General course registration advisement form  (paper form)

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Registration for Workshops

Work4Success Skillshop Registration (Open to AUC students enrolled in at least one course at Morehouse)



Morehouse College Prospective Tutors Interest Form


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Academic Advising Workshop Request (Faculty and Staff Only)