Student Success at Morehouse College

Amazing work happens at Morehouse College every day! No two faculty members are alike, however when our instructors step into the learning environment, they aspire to be inspirational educators and for their love of teaching to be evident to their students and to all who are involved in the delivery or assessment of their courses. They assume students have the potential to do well, regardless of learning level and background, and expect them to fully engage the learning process. At the end of every semester, students are expected to demonstrate a confidence that they have the acuity necessary to lead and excel in a global economy as a result of the learning opportunities afforded. That assurance begins with the instructors’ willingness to reveal who they are, their triumphs and struggles in the journey that led them to Morehouse College, and why student success matters to everyone in the classroom and to the Morehouse brotherhood-past, present and future. Equally as important is the role that student success plays in the lives of our students’ own family and friends, their future employers and employees, and the communities that are relying on them in countless ways.

Given our high expectations, student success involves individual agency, the active participation of every student in classwork and college programming, and an awareness of the College's academic policies (coursework, class attendance, grading system, transfer credit) in addition to the guidelines that are found on the Student Success navigation menu. Student Success requires students to see themselves as stakeholders who aspire to be in key roles that afford them the opportunity and ensuing responsibility to make tough decisions and deliver upon their promises with integrity. It also necessitates that students gain a greater perspective of themselves as leaders and consequential members of organizations and society as a whole.

At Morehouse, we don't just dream about success — we work for it!


Contact Information
Associate Provost for Student Success, Dr. Mel Foster

830 Westview Drive
Atlanta, GA 30314-3773