Student Success


Starfish is a user-friendly software product from Hobsons that gives us the ability to connect students with campus resources and campus resources with each other quickly. Accessed through Blackboard or MyPortal:

  • allows instructors to take attendance with ease, denote excused or unexcused absences, and make changes to their attendance record as necessary.
  • allows instructors to notify students via text if they have concerns about student attendance or academic performance in their classes. These notifications are immediately sent to The Academic Success Center Staff, Athletic Coaches, the Band Director, and other relevant student development staff who can be difference makers for our students.
  • allows instructors to send students a message congratulating them for good work or improvement.
  • enables students and advisors to set appointments and record the results of those advising communications. 
  • enables advisors and the academic skills enhancement specialist to monitor advisees who are on academic probation.
  • refers students to campus resources for academic support, advising (before Advising Week), etc.
  • allows students to make appointments with tutors, the Academic Success Center staff, student development staff, etc.


Training Videos

Faculty and Staff

Five Minutes to Learn about Faculty Features in Starfish

Set Up Office Hours

Appointment Notifications

How to Take Attendance



Scheduling a Tutoring Appointment

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