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Gregory O. Hall, Authority, Ascendancy, and Supremacy: China, Russia, and the United States' Pursuit of Relevancy and Power (Routledge, 2013)

Authority, Ascendancy, and Supremacy examines the interrelationships of China, Russia, and the United States (whom I call the Big3), the world’s foremost global powers, and their competition for power and influence in the post-cold war period. The main premise of this book is that contemporary international affairs are increasingly driven by the prevalence of pressing regional conflicts where at least two of the Big3 maintain divergent interests or support competing regional actors in a given conflict situation. In other words, conflicts, such as those involving regional powers such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Ukraine are played out in the context of a strategic triangle dominated by the Big3. With its singular focus on Chinese, Russian, and American values, interests, and foreign policy behaviors, Authority, Ascendancy, and Supremacy provides students and policymakers with a useful guide for understanding, and, hopefully, managing conflict in the modern world. This promises to be an important book. 


Andrew J. Douglas, In the Spirit of Critique: Thinking Politically in the Dialectical Tradition (SUNY, 2013)

In the Spirit of Critique offers a new perspective on the political significance of the Hegelian dialectical legacy.  Drawing on the works of Hegel, Marx, and a series of twentieth-century intellectuals, including Sartre, Adorno, and C.L.R. James, this book weaves together a distinctive narrative about what dialectical thinking entails and how such thinking might speak to the lived realities of the contemporary political moment.  What is revealed is not a formal method or a grand philosophical system, but rather a reflective energy or disposition—a dialectical spirit of critique—that draws normative sustenance from an emancipatory moral vision but that remains attuned principally to conflict and tension, and to the tragic uncertainties of political life.  In light of the unique challenges of the late-modern age, as theorists and citizens struggle to sustain an active and coherent critical agenda, In the Spirit of Critique invites serious reconsideration of a rich and elusive intellectual tradition.



This spring nineteen political science majors, both juniors and seniors, were invited to join the Gamma Lambda chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the national political science honors society.  Pictured above are thirteen of this year’s honorees (back row, left to right: Dr. Andrew Douglas (faculty advisor); Darien Harris; Edward Fultz; Joshua Harris; Juan Knatt; Fredrick Tippett; front row, left to right: Jerrel Baker; Kevin Coker; Leland Chapman; Matthew Smith; Jonathan McFarlane-Weinstein; Ocoszio Jackson; Jared Loggins; Roland White; not pictured: Korde Inniss; Aaron Francis; Amal Yamusah; Jerek Brown; Anthony Simonton; Brandon Hill).



The spring schedule for the Series on Political Philosophy in Atlanta (SOPHIA) is available now at the series website: