Department of Political Science

Welcome, to the political science department at Morehouse College. This site provides information about the requirements for the majorupcoming events that the department is involved with, and brief introductions and contact information for our faculty. The department is home to three degree-granting programs: Political Science, Urban Studies, and International Studies, and we are the home of Morehouse's Pre-Law program. For students, alumni, or community partners who are interested in political science research that is focused on contemporary, relevant black political questions, the department has a research institute named after Robert H. Brisbane, the founder of the political science department. Thanks for taking the time to visit!

Missions & Objectives
The Department’s mission derives from the Mission Statement of the College. Specifically, the primary goal of the Department is to prepare students for successful entry into, and completion of, graduate and professional schools, especially law school. The second goal of the Department is to prepare students for entry-level professional employment in public agencies at all levels—international, national, state, and local. The Department’s primary strategic objective is to increase the number of its students who attend and graduate from professional and graduate schools.

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