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New Student Advisement

Welcome to the Morehouse College!

This webpage is designed to explain the academic advisement process for the purpose of creating the first semester schedule. 



First time freshmen students:

The bulk of the first semester schedule is created based on placements. As preparation for the advisement process, students are required to complete two placement examinations (Mathematics and Modern Foreign Language).

*Exception to completion of the Modern Foreign Language examination is notification of a desire to pursue completion of the requirement by taking a language other than French, German or Spanish. Per the instructions provided in a prior advisement email, clarification on which of the other languages you desire to pursue is to be sent here.

The beginning course of English, Mathematics and Foreign Language is based on the student’s level of proficiency, as indicated by test scores.  English Composition placement is based on ACT or SAT score, and placement for Mathematics and Modern Foreign Language is based on scores from the ALEKS (Mathematics) and WebCape (Modern Foreign Language) placement examinations.


A student may place into:

  • Advanced College Reading, based on his ACT/SAT score
    • Final grade impacts GPA & credits earned apply toward degree completion as a Free Elective
  • English Composition with a required Writing Lab
    • Final grade impacts GPA & credits earned apply toward degree as General Education credits        
  • English Composition III-Advanced Composition
    • Only one semester of composition required if the student places into this course; final grade  impacts GPA & credits earned apply toward degree as General Education credits  

Transfer students:

First semester schedules are built based on transfer credit evaluation completed by the Office of Records and Registration. Credits that are accepted as equivalent are used to identify the next appropriate course in the sequence for completion of General Education requirements and/or the chosen major. Courses that have been approved for transfer credit are listed at the top of the unofficial transcript in Tigernet.

*A transfer student may or may not have Freshman Orientation listed on his schedule. The determination of whether a transfer student is required to complete this course is based on the total number of credit hours approved for transfer.


Prior to communicating with an advisor, foundation courses will be identified for each student.  The foundation courses are:

  • English Composition
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Foreign Language
  • Crown Forum
  • First Year Experience (if applicable)

(World Literature if the English Composition requirement is met through transfer/dual enrollment credit or appropriate AP/IB score)

Enrollment in this set of courses represents at least nine credit hours.  The exception is that advanced Mathematics courses are four-credit hours each.

The student will consult with an academic advisor to confirm the remaining courses to complete his schedule.  The remaining courses will typically be General Education requirements

However, for some majors (mostly housed in the Division of Science and Mathematics), introductory courses in the desired major will be recommended.

The disciplines covered in the General Education curriculum are:

  • Assembly/Crown Forum
  • English (Composition & Literature)
  • First Year Experience/Freshman Orientation
  • History
  • Humanities (Music, Philosophy, Religion, Visual Arts)
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Foreign Language
  • Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Physical Education
  • Social Science (Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Urban Studies)

Access to an Advisor

Once a new student (first-time freshman or transfer) has paid the Acceptance Fee, he will be contacted by an Academic Advisor starting on May 7th.

Basics of the Course Schedule

Most courses offered at the College award three credit hours if the course is completed successfully.

The goal is for each student to be registered for at least 15 total credit hours. 

*Once the schedule is complete, a student may be registered for 15-17 credit hours. The difference is typically based on enrollment in a Physical Education course (one credit hour) and/or some of the Science and Mathematics courses are four credit hours.

Courses are offered:

Three times per week (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays-MWF) for 50 minutes each


Two times per week (Tuesdays & Thursdays- TR) for 75 minutes each

*The exceptions are Assembly/Crown Forum, First Year Experience/Freshman Orientation, Physical Education courses and science labs.  These courses are only once a week for 50-75 minutes each.

Courses offered on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays are denoted on the schedule as: MWF
Courses offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays are denoted on the schedule as: TR (R=Thursday)


Major degree requirements can be found here.