Dance Performance and Choreography

Dance Performance and Choreography

Made possible through a partnership between Morehouse College and Spelman College, dance at Spelman is a critical and creative thinking laboratory that nurtures students of the African diaspora. Students investigate intersections of experimental creative practices, cultural discourse, and technology.

In keeping with the college’s focus on social justice and innovation, the department’s theory and composition classes fuse technology and womanist theory along with other social discourse. The curriculum centers on the choreographic process through the lens of Black feminist theories, contemporary dance techniques, and interdisciplinary collaborative practice. Students engage with an exciting roster of visiting artists who explore and push boundaries through the Spelman College Dance Artist Incubation Residency. Department faculty includes globally recognized working artists who mentor and guide students through scholarship, artistic production, and entrepreneurial strategies. The department cultivates freethinkers and intelligent movers interested in becoming creators, innovators, writers, historians, and scholars within the evolving field of dance.


After completing the major, students will be able to:

  • Engage in dance as a mode of inquiry, knowledge production, and critical thinking through embodied creative process, theoretical research, literature, and performance
  • Articulate verbally and through embodied practice historical and contemporary socio-cultural contexts of dance practice
  • Demonstrate high-level choreographic skills to investigate, engage in, and develop creative processes
  • Demonstrate the ability to self-generate professional opportunities and creative spaces, and maneuver within various concert, commercial, and social communities locally, regionally, and internationally
Major Course of Study Requirements

The Dance Performance and Choreography major consists of 48 semester credits. The major is divided into four areas: Technique, Theory, Composition, and Performance. Students majoring in Dance Performance and Choreography are required to take all of the courses offered in the core (40 credit hours) and three electives (8 credit hours).