Communication Studies


Communication Studies equips students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to observe, interpret, and evaluate communication behaviors and processes. This course of study supports Morehouse’s mission to produce leaders. Effective leadership skills are dependent upon mastery of effective communication strategies.

Communication is primarily a social process used in personal, social, political, academic, and professional contexts, making the study of communication theory and behavior critical to personal, social, and professional success. The Communication Studies program prepares students for careers in public relations, advertising, corporate communications, politics, social activism, business, law, education, government, sociology, medicine, the arts, among others.

Communication Studies students hone skills in various areas of human communication, critical thinking, and academic, professional, and creative writing, to name a few. Students in this program build a solid foundation for success in graduate and professional education.


Students in Communication Studies develop their ability to communicate effectively in oral, written, and interpersonal communication. The following outcomes drive academic expectations:

  • Apply knowledge of human communication and social and cognitive processes across various contexts and from multiple perspectives, e.g., interpersonal, small group, organizational, intercultural, interracial, and media and mass communication
  • Evaluate key theoretical approaches within the interdisciplinary field of communication, e.g., students explain major theoretical frameworks and concepts, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of those approaches
  • Develop knowledge, skills, and discernment regarding human communication that facilitate their ability to work collaboratively, including communication competencies such as delivering effective presentations, active listening, constructing and delivering sound arguments, and effective conflict management
Major Course of Study Requirements

Communication studies examines communication theory, ethics, culture, and strategy. Students must complete 18 hours of core courses and 18 hours of upper-level elective courses in communications. Students who intend to pursue graduate education are strongly encouraged to complete SOC 302 Social Research Methods. The minor is designed to enhance overall communication effectiveness. As with the major, the minor studies theoretical foundations of the discipline and promotes the ethical practice of human communication. The minor is open to all students.