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J-Mester at Morehouse College

J-Mester 2019

J-Mester is an exciting opportunity for Morehouse students to have a nontraditional educational experience. Courses are free elective courses, however, students should engage department chairs prior to enrolling to determine if credit from these courses can be applied to their specific major or can fulfill general education requirements. Students will receive an enriched learning experience, so more time on outside assignments is to be expected. Accordingly, the actual time on material will be substantially more than during the regular semester (or summer term). Students can only take one course during this period.

Campus Housing: The check-in time frame is 10 am - 4 pm on January 3, 2019 for J-Mester students with on-campus housing. 

Chivers Dining Hall Hours: Brunch 10 am - 2 pm; Dinner 4 pm - 7 pm

J-Mester Course Offerings:

  • Career Readiness and Leadership [White, Belinda]
  • Drone Journalism [Heo, Ji Hoon]
  • Educational Inequality [Welcher, Adria]
  • Empathy-based Change and Leadership [Moody, Kristin]
  • Introduction to Disability Studies: Disability Literature, the Disability Rights Movement, and Social Justice [Loftis, Sonya]
  • Psychology, Sport and Social Justice [Rice, David Wall; Dennis, Jr., David]
  • The Philosophies and Thoughts of W.E.B. DuBois and Frantz Fanon [Davis, Illya]
  • Public Health and Practice (Social Determinants of Health/Community-Based Participant Learning) [Davis, Teaniese]
  • Today’s Music Industry: How Does it Work? [Garrett, Kennard; Henderson, Justin]
  • We Believe You: Learning to Listen to Women and the LGBTQIA Community [Kumar, Rebecca]

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