The Honors Program Student Association (HPSA)

The Honors Program Student Association (HPSA) is a chartered student organization on campus. The purpose of this organization is to develop the academic and social potentials of its members. Members are encouraged to develop all aspects of their characters and personalities in the Honors environment. The HPSA elects its own officers and sponsors activities, both for Program members and for the College community. Membership is assured after a student is accepted into the Honors Program. Only students in good standing, from freshmen to seniors, are permitted to run for office in the Honors Program Student Association and to represent the College and the Program at AUC, state, regional, and national Honors conferences.

Honors Program Student Association Charge 

“Intellectuals must gain respect…
through their efficiency, their taste for
unselfish work on behalf of the people,
and their clarity.  They must be sincere,
and to do that they must truly feel
themselves animated by an ideal that will
stand come what may.”
-Cheikh Anta Diop

Black Africa:  The Economic and Cultural Basis for a Federated State (1987)