Department of History

The Department of History at Morehouse College has a strong track record of transforming students into scholars. In recent decades, it has been among the nation's top feeder schools for Ph.D. programs in history. These Morehouse Men are now fulfilling the College's mission to teach the history and culture of black people, doing so through faculty positions at some of the nation's leading colleges and universities. The faculty of the Department of History endeavors to build on this exceptional tradition while meeting the current needs of our students and the larger world.

Thematically, the Department focuses on the areas of social justice, leadership, and globalization. At the heart of the Department's work will be helping students think historically and helping them develop their reading, writing, and argumentative skills. To do this, the Department will create an engaged, research-based learning environment with the classroom as a center of informed dialogue about historical issues. With this as the hub, spokes will connect students to a large world of ideas and develop them into a generation of Morehouse Men prepared for the exciting yet uncertain challenges of the 21st century.