First Year Experience


The First Year Experience (formerly Freshman Orientation) is  a course administered through a collaboration between the Division of Student Development and the Office of Academic Affairs. Its primary purpose is to guide and support incoming students in their efforts to make a successful transition from their high school experience to their new college environment.The course topics are carefully crafted to address specific adjustment needs as well as to provide freshmen with new knowledge and information that will help them succeed academically and personally in their first year. These topics also provide a foundation for a successful and timely journey to the bachelor degree.                                                                                                      

Fall 2016 Theme: Embracing the Traits of the 21st Century Morehouse Man-Acuity, Agency, Integrity, Brotherhood, Consequential


Freshmen must earn a “P or “Pass” grade in each semester. (Fall and Spring EDU 151 – 152. The completion of the course is an academic requirement for graduation.


Characteristics of the 21st Century Man of Morehouse

Successful transition will be realized when freshmen assume the personal responsibility for their learning and development, demonstrating and applying specific academic and life skills in their first year--Agency. To support such knowledge and skill acquisition, freshmen will be required to begin to develop Acuity— by achieving a clear understanding of how to navigate the Morehouse and AUC environments, access specified college resource tools, such as tutorials, academic advisors, career placement staff, registration and learning support, etc.  And above all, each student must be clear about expectations--both his expectations of the Morehouse College experience and, in turn, what Morehouse College expects of each student. 

During this semester, each student will better understand the importance of developing, articulating and demonstrating Integrity—inside the classroom and in the world. Cheating on a test, plagiarizing an essay or research paper robs a student of this trait. Academic honesty is one of the most immediate ways that the student can demonstrate integrity whether it is in taking an exam or writing a paper. Beyond that, students will be encouraged to demonstrate this sense of honesty and honor in every situation he encounters.

The 21st Century man of Morehouse is Consequential, that is, he strives to have a positive impact whether through community service or contributing his talents and intellect to edify and uplift others.

The First Year Experience is also about creating “ties more brotherly” by working together to accomplish some of your assignments as well as creating online and real time learning communities that can continue beyond this semester. Brotherhood in this sense is ‘a friendship unlike any other’ built upon mutual respect and love for the beloved Morehouse Community and the World House that Dr. Martin Luther King described.