The Council of Independent Colleges

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) is an association of nonprofit independent colleges and universities that has worked since 1956 to support college and university leadership; advance institutional excellence; and enhance public understanding of private higher education’s contributions to society.

CIC is the major national organization that focuses on providing services to leaders of independent colleges and universities as well as conferences, seminars, and other programs that help institutions to improve the quality of education, administrative and financial performance, and institutional visibility. CIC also provides support to state fundraising associations that organize programs and generate contributions for private colleges and universities.

Eligibility for CIC membership is open to all small and mid-sized private liberal arts colleges and universities in the U.S., as well as those located outside the U.S. Two-year independent institutions and nonprofit organizations that support the purposes of independent higher education are also eligible to be members of CIC.   

Faculty Development Programs include: Ancient Greece int he Modern College Classroom, American History Seminar, Teaching European Art in Context, Teaching Interfaith Understanding.

Leadership Development Programs include: Executive Leadership Academy, Senior Leadership Academy, Navigating a New Culture, Presidential Vocation and Institutional Mission Program, and Workshops for Department and Division Chairs.

Other Events sponsored by CIC are: Liberal Arts in Action Symposium, Information Fluency in the Disciplines Workshops, Symposium on the Future of the Humanities, New York Times Student News Editors Workshop.

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