Department of Economics

Dr. Juliet Elu
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Mission & Objectives
The mission of the Department of Economics is to prepare students for careers as economic practitioners and researchers in the private sector, academia, and government. To accomplish this mission, the economics program emphasizes the requisite skills in analytical reasoning and effective communication through a solid background in economic theory and quantitative techniques. The program also stresses the importance of ethical professionalism and social awareness.

The economics program is designed to improve the ability of students to think critically, and to write and speak effectively regarding economic issues. These skills or abilities should be reflected in students increased ability to:

  1. Identify those processes and institutions both domestically and internationally through which productive activity is organized. 
  2. Identify issues and problems where economic analysis can be appropriately applied. 
  3. Determine the appropriate tools of analysis to apply to a given economic issue or problem. 
  4. Adequately analyze an economic issue or problem and offer viable conclusions, solutions and recommendations.