Crown Forum

Over the heads of her students, Morehouse holds a crown
that she challenges them to grow tall enough to wear.”

Dr. Howard Thurman ‘23
Educator, Minister, Theologian, Philosopher and Author

Growing tall enough to wear the crown, of which Dr. Thurman speaks, demands that one not only gain academic knowledge, but also develop spiritual strength, moral courage and sound character, as well.  These are among the requirements for being a Morehouse Man.

The Crown Forum experience provides the means by which students may begin to meet the challenge of developing to their highest potential and form a partnership with the academic program to foster a well-rounded college education.

The objectives of Crown Forum are to

  • Expose students to issues affecting our common humanity
  • Provide an environment that encourages students to develop a sense of spirituality
  • Expose students to leading thinkers on topical issues
  • Expose students to quality artistic performances
  • Celebrate special events of the College (e.g., Opening Convocation, Founder’s Day, etc.)
  • Develop in students a sense of continuity and identity with Morehouse College
  • Recognize and celebrate achievements of members of the larger Morehouse community
  • Expose students to positive role models
  • Encourage appropriate student behavior in large-group settings
  • Develop students’ capacity to listen

All students are required to attend a minimum of six (6) Crown Forum events per semester for six (6) semesters.  Certain Crown Forum events are required, as indicated on the schedule.  Seniors who have completed six semesters of Crown Forum are invited, but not required to attend Crown Forums.

This requirement will be adjusted for a transfer student, based on his classification upon entering Morehouse.

Freshmen are required to attend First Year Experience (formerly Freshman Orientation) each Tuesday at 11 a.m., unless otherwise instructed.