Morehouse College: Major Academic Program in Chemistry

Muhsinah Morris, Ph.D.
Academic Program Director (APD)
Assistant Professor
Location: Merrill Hall, Room 104
Phone: (470) 639-0443

Mission & Objectives

The Academic Program in Chemistry at Morehouse College prepares its majors with a thorough and rigorous background in undergraduate studies in chemistry so they may successfully pursue graduate studies in chemistry and related sciences or begin careers as professional chemists.

We also provide quality service courses and services for majors in related departments, such as students interested in physics, engineering, biology, medicine, the allied health professions, etc. Our service courses bear no distinction from the regular courses. It is rather the objective of the student which determines whether he considers any course in chemistry to be, for him, a service course. An important part of the philosophy of our approach is that the chemistry major have a broad background in mathematics and physics, while he is still an undergraduate. Toward this goal, our more serious majors complete the requirements for a cognate major in mathematics and/or physics. As a result of this curriculum, the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society in 1972 placed the department on the list of approved departments. The department's ACS accreditation was continued during 1999 after a successful review.