Bonner Office of Community Service

Service Opportunities

We are committed to perpetuating a culture of service on campus.

The Bonner Office of Community Service facilitates a culture of service on our campus that strengthens our resolve to be accountable as leaders, with the desire to be stewards of positive social change in the areas of education, environment, sustainability, political participation, food security, social enterprise, and social justice in general. We provide infrastructure and support for students, faculty, and staff to receive training and learn best practices to support the design, implementation, and assessment of community impact interventions. Students are invited to participate in service and community engagement opportunities such as food drives, mentoring, tutoring, beautification projects, voter registration drives, outreach projects, training, and many more. 

Through these experiences and upon graduation, men of Morehouse will achieve the following learning outcomes: civic agency, civic identity, critical thinking and perspective-taking, communication skills, diversity and intercultural competence, empathy, integrative learning, leadership, place and issue knowledge, and social justice. Explore the Servant Leaders community engagement app to find the best opportunity for you. 

Servant Leaders Community Engagement App