Department of Business Administration


At its heart, the Department of Business Administration at Morehouse College seeks to develop men, Morehouse Men, men of character and intelligence who possess the skills necessary to compete in the world of business. Our expectation is that these men will use their intellectual and economic power to effect change in the world. Yet our purpose, first and foremost, is to develop men of character who possess an entrepreneurial mindset and global leadership skills. Our students are:

  • Men of Character: A graduate of Morehouse College’s Business Administration program should be a man who possesses and abides by strong ethical and moral standards. In addition, he should be a man who views the world from a global perspective; a man who possesses intellectual curiosity and strives to learn more every day; a man who symbolizes brotherhood by supporting his classmates and holding them to high expectations; a man who respects the presence of diversity in his workplace in all its forms; a man who is familiar with how African Americans have influenced their communities and the world using business and economic principles; and a man who remembers the importance of being of service to the “least of these” in a professional manner that informs his decisions, both economic and personal, when considered through the lens of social justice.
  • Leaders: We do not seek to merely place our graduates in entry-level professional positions. Instead, our expectation for each and every graduate is that they will, at some point, occupy positions of significant authority and responsibility in their chosen professional fields. Therefore, we seek to prepare them for that eventuality. One means by which we do this is to encourage our graduates to seek education and/or certification beyond the undergraduate level, such as an MBA, a CPA, or a Ph.D., among other advanced degrees.
  • Individuals Who Possess an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Our graduates will work for others and themselves. Regardless of their final professional destinations, we seek for all of our men to possess an entrepreneurial mindset. This requires them to be boldly innovative, calculated risk-takers who are willing to learn equally from failure and success. Likewise, they should become adept at managing their available resources to achieve their desired outcomes. One of the ultimate goals of this forward-thinking mindset that we seek to inculcate within our students should help to them to create social and economic wealth that can be used to transform their communities often through philanthropic means.

Therefore, to accomplish this purpose, Morehouse College attracts and retains outstanding faculty and staff who are dedicated to teaching and student development. These individuals are able to draw from a wealth of professional experiences that they are able to share with students.  At Morehouse, we offer a major in Business Administration with concentrations in Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing. Our department also offers minors in Business Administration, Accounting, Sales, and Leadership Studies.  Excellent classroom instruction is just one component of our holistic approach to student development. We also offer numerous extra and co-curricular programs that further support our endeavors to thoroughly prepare students for the rigors of careers in business.  Men who major in Business Administration go on to careers in banking (Wall Street), consulting, entrepreneurship, sports, law, advertising, sales, brand management, accounting, human resources and many more. To ensure opportunities are provided to our students to prepare them for employment after Morehouse, the Office of Career Services for Business and Economics works closely with all of our men.

A key sign of the quality of the Morehouse Business Administration program is our accreditation by AACSB International, the gold standard of business accreditations. Less than 800 schools across 51 countries and territories achieve this level of accreditation. Morehouse received our initial accreditation in 1998 and has worked tirelessly to maintain it to this day.

Welcome to the Morehouse College Department of Business Administration’s webpage.  We invite you to learn more about our multi-faceted and rigorous academic and extracurricular programs. Explore and see what we do!

Emmanuel Onifade,Ph.D.
Chair and Professor
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