Douglass Academic Resource Center

Work4Success Skillshops


In addition to one-on-one consultations, The Douglass Academic Resource Center offers Work4Success Skillshops, workshops or mini courses, that provide practical solutions to common student issues. You know, all those skills that you’re expected to have mastered before attending Morehouse or the things you want to learn so you can perform better in class (but aren’t covered in class). With Work4Success Skillshops, students can get help with everything from learning to understand a course syllabus and improving study habits to working well in groups and putting together a compelling presentation.

How Does It Work?

  • They're free
  • They're offered in Douglass Hall and will be available online for you to cover in your own time and revisit the material.
  • They're short - approximately 1.5 hours or less
  • They're interactive
  • They are facilitated by professionals and Peer Learning Facilitators
  • You can attend as many as you want
  • First Come-First Served. You don't need to sign up or register in advance.  Just show your student I.D. Or, you may give notice of your intent to attend by clicking here.

Why Attend Work4Success Skillshops?

  • Learn information relevant to your academic life at Morehouse
  • Get support in achieving your academic goals
  • Improve your college experience
  • Learn new skills to achieve good results
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Stay motivated and avoid procrastination
  • Develop your strengths and abilities
  • Be proactive in identifying and addressing problems
  • Discover where to go for help

Skillshop Descriptions         

Starting Your Semester Off on the Right Track

The countdown to graduation began day 1! Excellence and achievement is expected at Morehouse and you are required to maintain our storied history. Join us as we discuss strategies for starting this semester off the right way. After all, success is better maintained than regained.

How to Make Your Syllabus Work for You

Have you ever regretted registering for a course after discovering during the first week of class that you signed up for more than you bargained? No need to fret! It has happened to more people than you know.  Join us as we review strategies that will make your syllabus work for you. 

How to Communicate with Professors

Not sure what to say, how to say it, or how to request assistance? Many students ponder reaching out to a professor for help and clarity. Before they know it, the semester has come to a close and they have missed out yet another opportunity to connect with their professor.  Join us as we discuss strategies to improve your interactions with professors. Good relationships with professors may increase your effectiveness in studying, mastery in your subjects, and can also expand your professional network.

Learning Styles

Lectures remain the most prevalent college teaching style despite the various learning styles of the students. Join us as we explore learning styles and discover and choose strategies that will help you thrive in all of your lecture style courses.

Note-taking, Test taking, and Concentration

Newsflash: studying is not the most appealing college activity and is often seen as a chore. The purpose of this workshop is to become more efficient in note-taking, preparing for exams, utilizing effective study skills, and test-taking strategies.

Protect the House:  Morehouse Success

Keeping up with the academic, financial aid, and college policies can add difficulty to navigating the college environment.  Join us as we highlight important policies and expectations that will assist you in making informed decisions along your journey to efficiently becoming a Morehouse Man.  

Time Flies when you are on the Gram:  Time Management and Goal Setting

So much to do and with so little time... Balancing friends, social media, studies, and work can become taxing. Time management remains as one of the keys to our success, but many of us struggle in this area. Learn how to effectively manage your time, prioritize, and complete obligations with excellence.

Writing Improvement 101

Where do I start? Did I cover everything? Does this make sense? These are the types of questions that many students face when writing papers. Join us as we identify tips and procedures to improve your writing, whether it is for course assignments or for scholarship essays.

Surviving a Group Project

Working together in a group can be a great experience or a terrible one. Group projects are intended to develop your leadership abilities while also providing an opportunity to show you are capable of working as part of a team. However, you aren’t born knowing how to work well in a group. Learn how to work well as a group to achieve the course objectives.

The Art of Presenting

Have you ever had to sit through a presentation you thought would never end?  Been forced to look at slide after slide knowing you would never remember what was on them? Presenting information is an art and requires an understanding of the “dos” and “don’ts.”  oin us as we discuss effective methods of presenting information and the proper use of visual aids and activities to engage your audience.

The Major Decision

Unsure about your major? Sure, you were asked to select a major on the common application and you’ve been assigned an advisor based upon what you selected, but that selection is not binding. There is a very good chance, your first choice of major won't be your last. However, we ask that you make a decision before you earn 45 credit hours so that you won’t waste time or money. You don't have to make the decision alone. Join us for a skillshop to help you make such a major decision.

Real Solutions to Real Problems

Want to be proactive in addressing problems in the classroom before they arise? What does having an open door policy mean? Join us to find out why you may be incurring the same problems each semester with different instructors. We will cover the importance of listening to and addressing what the instructor is saying even when you do not agree with what is said. Additionally, we will offer strategies that can keep problems from escalating. Over time, lingering problems unresolved can impact academic and career success.