Welcome to the Frederick Douglass Academic Resource Center (D'ARC)

The Frederick Douglass Academic Resource Center is a comprehensive, academic enhancement facility. D’ARC is intentionally designed to offer a variety of interactive programs that encourage student academic skill-building, and serve as a useful academic resource within the campus community.

Services Offered:

  • Computer Lab with 40 computer stations and printers
  • IC.A.R.E. Intervention
  • Work4Success Skillshops (Academic Success Workshops)
  • Subject-based Workshops
  • MANdatory Academic Planning
  • Tutorial Resources/ Supplemental Instruction
  • Student-Athlete and Commuter Student Support

Center Expectations:

  • All students are required to sign in and may be required to present current College or University identification card for admittance.
  • Students must adhere to the request(s) of Center staff (please remove hats/caps, respect the facilities, limit on printing to Morehouse coursework by Morehouse students only, etc.)
  • To reserve space, 48 hours advance notice is required. The Center staff reserves the right to cancel reservations with notice to accommodate the needs of the College. Click here to request use of the facility.
  • Students must check with the Information Service Desk to determine if an empty space has been reserved prior to occupying space.
  • Students who require study hall monitoring are responsible for ensuring they have been scanned in and out or use the sign in and out form at the Information Service desk when the scanning device is not available.

Any policy exceptions, in the case of special events and other extraordinary circumstances, must be approved by a member of the Center Staff.