African-American Studies Program


The primary mission of the African-American Studies Program (AASP), an independent, free-standing program in the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, is to provide an academic and scholarly course of study centered on the black male in particular, and all blacks in general, that will enlighten both scholars and laymen, and affirm black males and black society.  The ultimate goal of the AASP is to provide an academic course of study that leads to a baccalaureate degree in the discipline which prepares the students who major or minor in the field for a life of rewarding and fulfilling work. Students of African-American Studies, while at Morehouse and after they graduate, will contribute to the betterment of humankind through professional work and community service.


The African-American Studies major is holistic (multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary/ transdisciplinary) and directly relates to the mission of Morehouse College in that it assumes a special responsibility for teaching students about the history and culture of black people.  It also encourages students to appreciate the ideals of brotherhood, equality, spirituality, human values, and democracy.  Special emphasis will be given to the culture of black males, including their history and philosophy, and social behavior and athletics.  It also teaches students to think clearly and critically; to make logical and ethical judgments; and to communicate effectively with others.  African-American Studies searches for truth as a liberating force and provides an environment which encourages students to develop a zest for living, learning and contributing as men in society.

The African-American Studies major actualizes the educational mission of Morehouse College to teach its students to appreciate the past, especially the foundations of civilization and the shaping of the modern world.  The student is also encouraged to appreciate cultures other than his own, and to judge with heightened perception, knowledge and understanding of the people, events, discoveries, political thought, economic theories, and geographical factors that have shaped the way we live.

The African-American Studies major prepares students to become better citizens, and leaders in society.  It prepares students to go to graduate and professional school, and to enter the world of work; providing a course of instruction which aids students to better appreciate the world in which they live.  They grow to understand how the world works, and the dynamics of social change, emphasizing the cultural heritage of black people and preparing them to attain an informed, scholarly understanding of this legacy.  The ability to understand is enhanced, and we seek to coordinate knowledge from other disciplines, reinforcing the student’s academic skills--reading, writing, speaking, listening, researching and reasoning. 

The African-American Studies Program teaches the seven skills required by Morehouse College. These skills are critical thinking, creative thinking, effective writing, effective oral communication, value awareness, computer literacy and quantitative analysis.  Commitment to community service is strongly encouraged.  African-American Studies at Morehouse College gives the students who study here another option among many quality majors from which they may launch a professional or service career.


The student who majors or minors in African-American Studies at Morehouse College, is expected be able to recall major events, dates and persons in the chronology of the African-American experience – especially black history.  The serious student would also manifest an appreciation for the totality of the black experience, and show the linkage between the African legacy, European history and the African-American experience.  They must be able to give evidentiary demonstrations of how the experiences of African-Americans are linked to the experiences of other blacks in the African Diaspora; and show how the experiences of blacks have been an integral part of American and world history.

Graduates of African-American Studies at the College are expected to be able to read comprehensively, write lucidly and cogently, speak effectively, listen intently, research thoroughly, and reason logically. Upon completion of the major in African-American Studies, it is expected that graduates will enter graduate or professional school, or the world of work.  Again, all graduates of the discipline are encouraged to continue their involvement in community service.