Applications Analyst

Applications Analyst

Division/Department: Information Technology Services
Reports To: Director of Enterprise Application Services


Morehouse College seeks a highly motivated, creative, dynamic, and collaborative individual to fill the Applications Analyst's position directly to the Director of Enterprise Application Services. The Applications Analyst's role is to participate in the planning, coordination, and solution development and implementation activities related to integrating applications and technologies within the organization's application integration environment. Proven communication skills, problem-solving skills, proficiency in programming languages and data structures, and knowledge of integration best practices are critical to successful performance in this role. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Strategy and Planning
  • Participate in the planning of integration projects and corresponding strategies between business units and development teams
  • Provide integration environment technical knowledge and experience during the planning, execution, and management of integrating new applications into the existing application environment
  • Identify and resolve systems issues
  • Develop standards and processes to support and facilitate integration projects and initiatives
  • Identify common patterns and document best practices for integration
Acquisition and Deployment
  • Research and make recommendations on integration products and services in support of procurement and development efforts
  • Participate in integration testing phase of software and applications under development to identify and remedy potential problem areas
  • Assist application software developers and engineers in development of APIs to interact with the application integration environment
  • Build relationships with software development and engineering teams to gain an understanding of application architectures and required functionality
  • Build relationships with vendors of application software deployed in the organization’s IT environment to both learn about and provide feedback on their technical integration capabilities
  • Continually develop skills in the integration technologies in place in the application integration environment, as well as staying informed on new developments in integration technology
  • Design, develop, and deploy solutions within the organization’s architectural principles, policies, and guidelines
Operational Management
  • Assist with problem determination and resolution efforts when operational issues with integration solutions arise
  • Implement audit, logging, and monitoring solutions to provide proactive operational support in the application environment
  • Assist with identifying opportunities to enhance or improve business processes via integration, or, as necessary, minimize the impact of integration on those processes
  • Support, maintain, and manage application systems, including, but not limited to, Argos, BDM, Self Service Banner, Luminis, Ellucian Workflow
  • Where necessary, guide junior members of the team
  • Performs other duties as assigned
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

A bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems or related discipline is required. Experience in application integration is required. The ideal candidate should have experience in using various programming languages with demonstrated success in software development. UNIX/Linux skills and shell scripting experience preferred. Knowledge of Oracle database, PL/SQL programming a plus.

Experience with Ellucian Banner software is strongly preferred. The ability to work in a rapidly changing technological and team-oriented environment is essential. Excellent customer service and communication skills are a must.

  • Three years (five years a plus) of direct experience in enterprise-level application integration
  • Proven experience in overseeing the linking of cross-functional applications between disparate business units and systems
  • Experience with business and technical requirements analysis, business process modeling/mapping and methodology development, and data mapping
  • Thorough understanding of web servers, such as Windows IIS server and Apache Tomcat Server
  • Extensive experience with core software applications, such as Ellucian Banner, BDM, Evisions Argos, FormFusion, Intellecheck, Luminis Portal, and LMS
  • Technically fluent in two or more programming languages, such as PL/SQL, Java, Javascript, Groovy, JSP, ASP.NET, C#, Python, Perl, PHP
  • Direct, hands-on experience with at least one automated integration tool, such as Jenkins and Ellucian Ethos
  • Competency with XML, JSON, and AJAX
  • Confidence and experience with API protocols and schemas such as SOAP and REST
  • Knowledge of relational database design and management techniques
  • Background in risk management methodologies as they relate to integration/software engineering
  • Experience with securing integration scenarios using appropriate authentication, authorization, non-repudiation, and data encryption methods
  • Strong knowledge of system and software quality assurance best practices and methodologies
  • Knowledge of network protocols and standards
  • Understanding of end-user needs and requirements
  • Excellent understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives

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