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Welcome to Veterans Services, where student veterans and veteran dependents can get information about federal education benefits. We work closely with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or Veterans Administration (VA) to administer education benefits covered under Title 10 and Title 38, U.S. Code.

If this is your first time using VA Federal Education Benefits, applying for them on the Veterans Affairs website is the first step. Under Education, click Apply for Education Benefits. A tool on the page will help you select the appropriate form. Veterans Affairs sends you a Certificate of Eligibility in about 30 days that determines what benefit you qualify to use while matriculating through college. Below you will find the most used benefits at Morehouse and their required documents. You may email documents to for processing.

Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 Montgomery GI Bill) – Active Duty
Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 Montgomery GI Bill) – Transfer of Entitlement
Chapter 35

The Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program provides educational and training opportunities to eligible dependents of veterans who are permanently and totally disabled due to service-related conditions, or who died while on active duty or as a result of a service-related condition.

The program offers up to 45 months of education benefits. These benefits may be used for degree and certificate programs, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training. Spouses may take a correspondence course.

Chapter 35 (Survivors and Dependents)
 Chapter 1606 

The Selected Reserve program is available to students if they are a member of the Selected Reserve. The Selected Reserve includes the Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Army National Guard and Air National Guard.

This benefit may be used for degree and certificate programs, flight training, apprenticeship/on-the-job training, and correspondence courses.

Chapter 1606 (Selective Reserve)
 Chapter 31

The Veteran Readiness & Employment program is for service-disable veterans who require further education to attain suitable, sustainable employment. This program may provide vocational and other training services, including tutorial assistance, tuition, books, fees, supplies, handling charges, licensing fees and equipment, and other necessary training materials.

Chapter 31 (Veterans Readiness & Employment)

• Authorization from VA Counselor
VA Enrollment Certification Request Form
• Tuition bill from Tiger Pay


You can transfer your VA benefits to Morehouse College. Below you will find the most used benefits at Morehouse College and required documents. You may email documents to for processing.

Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 Montgomery GI Bill or Transfer of Entitlement) or Ch. 1606 Selected Reserve 
Chapter 35 (Survivors and Dependents)

Each term, you are required to submit:

If you make any changes to your program of study, a Change of Program or Place of Training form (22-1995) should be submitted to the School Certifying Official. If you make any schedule changes by increasing or decreasing hours, you should notify your School Certifying Official immediately.

Should your address change during the course of the academic year, please notify the VA by calling 1-888-442-4551 (1-888-GI-BILL1). This ensures that you receive your benefits check and other VA correspondence at the correct address.


In accordance with Title 38 US Code 3679 subsection (e), this institution adopts the following additional provisions for any students using benefits under Ch. 31-VR&E and Ch. 33- Post 9/11:
While payment is pending from the VA, the institution will not:
• Prevent the student from course registration
• Assess a late penalty fee to the student
• Require the student to secure alternative or additional funding
• Deny access to any resources (access to classes, libraries or other institutional facilities available to other students who have satisfied their tuition and fee bills to the institution

To qualify for this provision, a student must submit:
• Certificate of Eligibility
• VA Certification Request Form
• Any additional documentation needed to certify benefits as requested by the School Certifying Official.


Schools must provide a covered individual (a student using benefits under chapter 30, 31, 32, 33, or 35 of title 38, U.S.C., or chapter 1606 of title 10, U.S.C.) with a personalized shopping sheet that contains:
• Estimated total cost of courses that includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, and any other additional costs.

The personalized shopping sheet is provided to each student in the Morehouse MyPortal database, which requires a student login.
Cost of Attendance information can be found here, 
Schedule of Fees can be found here.
Use the Net Price Calculator to determine the cost of attending Morehouse College before applying.

All students receiving veteran education benefits are encouraged to complete a FAFSA to ensure the cost of attendance can be met in addition to using veteran funding.


Please visit our Financial Aid & Scholarship page for additional funding assistance and scholarships.


If students change their address during the academic year, they must notify the VA directly by calling 1-888-442-4551 (1-888-GI-BILL1). Calling enables students to receive their benefits check and other VA correspondences at the correct address.


A student receiving VA benefits must understand his college’s policy regarding satisfactory progress and academic probation (found in the college catalog). A VA student placed on probation has a maximum of two consecutive semesters to return to good standing. Failure to return to good standing within two semesters will make the student ineligible for VA educational benefits.

The student may regain his eligibility for VA benefits for future terms under one of two conditions: (I.) a return to good standing in the college, or (2.) a request for resumption of VA educational benefits is submitted to the VA claiming mitigating circumstances and the VA reinstates benefits based on evidence supporting the student’s claim.


To apply for Tuition Assistance, you must first visit your military branch Education Officer for advice on the Tuition Assistance Program. 

To be eligible for Tuition Assistance (TA), you must meet both of these requirements:

  • Qualify for Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty or Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits and
  • The cost of the course and fees is more than TA will cover

If you meet both requirements above, then you must do the following:

  • Request Tuition Assistance from your military branch of service and
  • See your Education Services Officer or Education Counselor

Afterwards, you can apply for VA Educational Benefits if you are a first time user of TA and/GI Bill as explained above.

The Department of Veterans Affairs explains the tuition assistance program in greater detail.

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