BMRI will promote intellectual engagement that is grounded in humanities, humanistic social sciences, and creative arts.

Such engagement will manifest by advancing open intellectual discussion across disciplines and scholarly communities. Multiple views exist on how Black masculinities find expression, influence or are influenced by aspects of culture, or merit consideration when discussing pressing social issues. BMRI provides a space for those views to engage in dialogue with the express purpose of promoting a richer understanding of Black masculinities.

BMRI serves as an incubator for faculty to create curricula and scholarship at Morehouse that can be adopted by other institutions seeking to provide more inclusive and authentic education about Black masculinities. BMRI also facilitates research by students, faculty, and visiting scholars contributing to the dynamic field of Black masculinities studies.

An evolving academic interest in the social construction of masculinities emerged from curricular developments in the interdisciplinary fields of Black studies, women’s studies, gender and sexuality studies, men’s studies, queer studies, and cultural studies over the past several decades.

Given the importance of this new interdisciplinary field of study on Black masculinities, which is increasingly being generated by humanities scholars, Morehouse College is poised to contribute in important ways to faculty and curriculum development at the College, throughout the Atlanta University Center (AUC), and at other schools as the field continues to evolve. Morehouse is also positioned to generate new scholarship in the field and convene meetings among scholars in the U.S. and around the world. Having an international focus, especially grounded in the African diaspora, enables interactions with scholars who are producing influential research that impacts public policy and the lives of Black men wherever they live.

BMRI connects the institute with a Morehouse College Black masculinities studies minor (in development- pending approval) and an online certificate program, which will offer an interdisciplinary curriculum and have an academic home within the Humanities Division’s Africana Studies Program. The curriculum will prepare Men of Morehouse and AUC students to think critically about African American and African-diasporic male experiences through a student-centered, integrative approach where students’ questions about Black masculinities shape student outcomes. Students will be empowered to employ interdisciplinary methods rooted in Africana Studies and other salient fields.


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