We develop a talented pipeline of world class practitioners, innovators, policy makers, leaders and researchers who are equipped to transform and improve educational outcomes in urban and underserved communities.

We have an unrelenting focus on social justice, educational excellence, equity, and ethical leadership. We embed these core values in all aspects of the student experience and the work of the center.

Our center’s unique interdisciplinary design allows each student to customize their area of study by selecting the courses, programs, and activities that align with their career interest.

We prepare students to teach, explore, innovate, and lead with excellence. Our programs range from educator preparation that leads to students becoming master classroom teachers to programs that prepare students to become policymakers, researchers, innovators, and leaders equipped to revolutionize education.

The center’s four program areas, teach, explore, innovate, and lead, all have distinctive features that align with each pathway’s various career options. Embedded in each path are courses that broaden the student’s knowledge base while also immersing them in real-world settings to apply what they learned. Collaborative activities, student research, and culminating projects will allow students to confront common narratives, identify and debate diverse perspectives, and gain a deeper understanding of the practices, policies, and theories in education that are the most consequential for underserved student


Email: nina.gilbert@morehouse.edu