Information for Parents

New Student Orientation at Morehouse will be the first days of the rest of your life representing Morehouse wherever you go and always being seen in your best light. Of course, the Morehouse experience upon which you are embarking is all about preparing you for a life of leadership and service, but there are things you should prepare for even before you arrive on campus. 

Information for Parents


We consider ourselves a family at Morehouse, but we clearly know that there are few relationships as important as those within a student’s immediate family. You’ve nurtured them, provided for them, encouraged them, guided them, and prayed for them, and their ability to embark on a life as a member of the Morehouse community is largely due to your love. As we welcome your young man into the Morehouse family, we welcome you into our family as well. 

In many ways, the New Student Orientation week is just as important for you as it is for your student. It is a bittersweet time, where you’ll see the seed of love blossom into burgeoning potential. You’ll surely be inspired not only as your student takes his first step on his path to fulfilling his purpose, but you will also witness hundreds of other young boys of color begin to become Morehouse Men. 

Take in every moment in the life of your family and welcome to ours. 

NSO Parent's Ceremony

Grab your tissue for this can’t miss event. 

In the ancient African tradition of sending a warrior away from home for battle, the legendary Morehouse Parent’s Parting Ceremony signals the final transition from boy with potential to Man of Morehouse. This ceremony, unique among any on a college campus, prepares both the young man and the family for the journey ahead– separated by distance but forever unified by values, trust, respect, loyalty, goodwill, and love. 

NSO Parent Portal


The Office of Parent & Family Engagement welcomes you to the Morehouse family. We look forward to supporting you as you support your student. We are here to partner with you to ensure your student’s success by: 

  • Serving as a central College resource 
  • Enhancing parent and family engagement opportunities 
  • Providing information about the student experience at Morehouse 
  • Communicating regularly with families 
  • Providing resources for the student and their families 

We are excited to share The Parent and Family Connection; an online portal to consistently communicate with you and keep you up to date on what’s happening on and around campus, as often as you’d like.