Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness is a new unit within the Division of Student Development/Services. Designed to advance the well-being of the Morehouse community, as well as the personal and academic development of students; we aim to create an environment that promotes student fulfillment and growth. Health and Wellness integrates mind, body and spirit into a seamless unit. We are on a mission to maximize health-promoting behaviors and to minimize harmful behaviors during students’ college experience and beyond. This unit is multi-dimensional and consists of three departments: The James B. Ellison, Sr. Student Health Center; The Counseling Resources Center and Disability Services; and Recreation, Intramural, and Fitness.

James B. Ellison, Sr. Student Health Center

The primary goal of the James B. Ellison, Sr. Student Health Center (SHC) is to provide the most comprehensive, carefully monitored medical care that is possible within the scope of its facility. The SHC also aims to provide quality health care and health education to maximize Morehouse students' academic and personal growth through treatment, education, prevention, and health promotion. 

Counseling Resources Center and Disability Services

The Center experience is designed to provide a confidential, safe and supportive environment. CRCDS programs are focused on increasing student retention and improving a student’s academic and life skills. In recognizing that many students may not have received sufficient support for life skill development in their lives before arriving at college, concerns typically addressed include diagnosis identification and management, adjustment issues, relationship issues, stress, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, grief, depression, and difficulty choosing a major or career.

Recreation, Intramural, and Fitness

The mission of the department and the programs and activities offered are to be student- centered, comprehensive and serve as a vehicle for co-curricular opportunities designed to enhance the quality of college life and foster individual, physical, mental, emotional, and social growth.