Student Health Center


Any student who wishes to participate in a College athletic program (basketball, football, tennis, track, etc.) must have a complete physical under the supervision of the Morehouse College physician. The physical must be obtained prior to engaging in any formal athletic activity, sanctioned training or practice sessions. Physicals are scheduled by the coach and the College physician. In addition, any student desiring to participate in the College's athletic program must complete and return an insurance information form.

All Morehouse College incoming freshmen are required to have the following immunizations/test(s):

  • Proof of two MMR vaccines
  • Proof of tetanus booster within 10 years
  • Proof of meningitis vaccine
  • PPD testing within one year of matriculation.

Morehouse College endeavors to provide a safe community for students to matriculate and develop.

The Student Health Center does not issue excuses. Students are given a Confirmation of Clinic Visit form if they are seen during class time. If class is missed due to the clinic visit, the student should take the documentation to the Office of Student Services to receive an official class excuse. Only College physicians can excuse a student from physical education. Special classes may be assigned in physical education to meet this requirement. Registration for each semester of physical education is required with or without exemption.