Student Health Center

Exciting New Student Health Insurance Plan and Opt Out Information

To the students and parents of Morehouse College:

In our continued effort to promote good health among our students, and assist students in meeting Healthcare Reform Mandates, as well as keep costs at a competitive level, Morehouse College reviewed several options for the 2016-2017 plan year, to begin on August 1, 2016.  We are please to announce that we will once again partner with Ascension Benefits and Collegiate Solutions to implement our student health insurance plan with Aetna for the 2016-17 plan year.  You will find many similarities in benefits, and processes as last year, with some enhancements as outlined below.  Please understand that if you are waiving coverage with comparable coverage, you must complete a waiver as outlined in the Waiver Criteria and Waiver Process sections below.  

2016/17 Aetna Plan Highlights:

Individual deductible: $250 Individual out-of-pocket maximum: $1,500
Office visit/walk-in clinic copay: $25 Urgent Care copay: $50
Emergency room copay: $150 Preventive Wellness: covered at 100%
Prescription meds copay: $15/$20/$60/specialty Pediatric dental and vision for members under age 19

2016/17 Waiver Criteria:

In order to waive the Morehouse College student health insurance plan, your primary insurance plan must allow you to agree to all of the following statements:

  • I agree that I am not on an HMO plan outside of Georgia. (*NOTE: if your HMO plan has been issued outside the state of Georgia, please see the footnote below.)
  • I agree that I am not on a Medicaid plan outside of Georgia.
  • I agree that my plan has an unlimited benefit maximum.

2016/17 Waiver Process:

If you meet the above criteria, you may wish to remain on the Morehouse College student health insurance plan to supplement your primary insurance.  However, if you wish to waive the Morehouse College student health insurance plan please visit the to opt out of the plan. You will need your student ID number and current insurance ID card to complete the process. Simply click on the Waiver option and create your waiver petition; complete all information requested.  You will receive an email acknowledging that we have received your waiver petition.  Within 10 business days, you should receive a second email advising of the status of your waiver.  It is necessary that you review this email to determine if additional information is needed.

You must complete your waiver petition and supply any additional information before the waiver deadline of August 26th. Waivers received after the deadline will not be accepted, you will remain enrolled in the Morehouse College student health insurance plan, and you will be held responsible for payment of the premium.

* Morehouse College requires that you provide Lindsey Zendejas ( - 800 955-1991, extension 7454) with Ascension Insurance with written documentation, validating that your HMO policy provides comprehensive medical care while you reside in Atlanta, Georgia (documentation must be from your employer or insurance carrier in the form of a letter.  Personal statements are not acceptable).  When written documentation is received, only then will you be allowed to waive.  If your current HMO does not provide coverage for emergency care while in the state of Georgia you do not have a comparable insurance plan and you are NOT eligible to waive.  You will be enrolled in Morehouse College's student health insurance plan accordingly, with charges billed to your student account.