James B. Ellison, Sr. Student Health Center


Before a student-athlete is allowed to practice or compete for Morehouse College, he must have completed a physical examination approved by the Team Physician and Associates or his primary care physician (PCP). Returning student-athletes need to update their information with the Student Health Center Staff annually. He must also complete the following each year:

No student-athlete will be allowed to participate until these forms are completely filled out, signed and approved by the team physician(s).

A comprehensive Sports Medicine Program of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation is being developed to ensure quality medical care for Morehouse College student-athletes. The College‚Äôs Team Physician oversees the course of care given to our student-athletes. The sports medicine staff consists of team physicians, nurses, athletic trainers and a support staff of graduate student athletic trainer all certified or certified-eligible. To read more about the student athlete protocol, click here: Athletic Protocol