Campus Life


At Morehouse College, the co-curricular experience is an important factor in the College's student development model. Through student activities, students grow, learn, and explore educational and experiential opportunities and create pathways for community engagement. The offices that provide opportunities for students to participate in student activities include:

The Office of the Chapel: The Chapel engages a diverse community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and global leaders in exploring and integrating faith and reason to support vocational and spiritual discernment and character formation. The Chapel’s student-focused programming is open to all who seek to be stretched and strengthened in their faith, engaged in dialogue and action on issues of social justice and human rights, and oriented to the diversity of spiritual perspectives that comprise our Great "World House" concept for wholeness and healing. 

Athletics: Athletics are an essential part of the overall educational experience at Morehouse College. The College provides a comprehensive and diverse athletics program, offering opportunities to all interested students. The Athletics Department is committed to providing a vigorous intercollegiate sports program that encourages physical fitness, achievement, and fellowship. 

Office of Student Life: The Office of Student Life (OSL) provides opportunities through registered student organizations and Student Life sponsored activities. These activities are designed to cultivate learning, improve student development, provide leadership opportunities, complement academic programs, and enhance character development. OSL through its activities collaborates with students, faculty, staff, and community leaders to promote analytical and critical thinking, build interpersonal skills, offer support creative expression, and recognize and address current trends.    

Recreation Intramurals and Fitness (RIF): The goal of RIF is to provide fitness, wellness, intramural as well as recreational programs and activities for the students, alumni, faculty, staff, their spouses, and children. 

Residential Housing and Education: The Office of Housing and Residential Education (OHRE) provides a safe and inclusive living and learning environment that provides for a continuum of in-classroom experiences within the residential platform. The residential platform offers a transformational and holistic experience that provides a better embrace of students at Morehouse College.