Campus Life


The health, wellness, and safety of our students are extremely important. As such, we have offices, policies, and procedures that are committed to ensuring that our students are able to live healthy, balanced lives while here at Morehouse College. We are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment where students are able to grow and be successful in and outside of the classroom. Below are the offices that focus on meeting our student's health, wellness, and safety needs:


Athletics: The Athletics Department offers a vigorous intercollegiate sports program that encourages physical fitness, achievement, and fellowship.

Campus Safety: Campus Safety prevents crime through effective patrol deployment, constant visibility, and residential life involvement. It achieves this goal by maintaining a high standard of professional conduct, regulating campus access, utilizing effective technology for campus security and managing and controlling special events.

Health Services: The primary goal of the James B. Ellison, Sr. Student Health Center (SHC) is to provide the most comprehensive, carefully monitored medical care. This goal includes providing students with experienced physicians and nursing staff who have demonstrated the ability to expertly care for a wide array of medical conditions. A strong emphasis is placed on lifestyle modification, health awareness, and education.

Recreation Intramurals and Fitness (RIF): The goal of RIF is to provide fitness, wellness, intramural as well as recreational programs and activities for the students, alumni, faculty, staff, their spouses, and children. 

Sexual Misconduct Policy: It is the policy of the Morehouse College to maintain a work and academic environment that is free from sexual and gender-based harassment and misconduct, including, but not limited to: Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Nonconsensual Sexual Contact, Nonconsensual Sexual Intercourse, Rape, Sexual Exploitation, Stalking and Retaliation.

Sexual Misconduct Procedures: This process describes how Morehouse will investigate a report that involves a student where conduct is alleged that could constitute Sexual Misconduct, as defined in this the Sexual Misconduct Policy, and determine what, if any, safety measures and/or disciplinary sanctions are appropriate.

Student Conduct: The Office of Student Conduct aims to maintain the integrity of student members of the College community. The Office of Student Conduct has three main objectives: (1) to promote and preserve an orderly environment, (2) to exercise proper control over disciplinary matters, and (3) to implement established student conduct procedures in matters affecting all students accused of violating Morehouse College policies, rules, and regulations.

Student Counseling & Disabilities Center (SCDC): SCDC supports the development of psychologically healthy students who are able to perform at the highest academic levels. This is achieved by providing students with support through reducing psychological problems and distress, and by enhancing intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. The SCDC delivers high quality, culturally competent services to Morehouse College students and the larger campus community. Additionally, the Center offers disability services that ensure all students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at Morehouse College.  

The Office of the Chapel:The Chapel engages a diverse community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and global leaders in exploring and integrating faith and reason to support vocational and spiritual discernment and character formation. The Chapel’s student-focused programming is open to all who seek to be stretched and strengthened in their faith, engaged in dialogue and action on issues of social justice and human rights and oriented to the diversity of spiritual perspectives that comprise our Great "World House" concept for wholeness and healing.