Counseling Resource Center and Disability Services

The mission of The Morehouse College Counseling Resource Center is the same as the mission of the college which is to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. A college counseling center for Morehouse students, the Counseling Resource Center realizes this mission by emphasizing the mental, behavioral and emotional development of its clients. In addition, the Counseling Resource Center assumes responsibility for advocating and facilitating accommodations for students with disabilities.

The Counseling Resource Center is open to all currently enrolled students who are willing to personally heal and or grow by taking advantage of the services offered. In pursuit of its mission, the Counseling Resource Center challenges itself to be among the very finest College Counseling Centers the world.

Student Learning and Development Outcomes
Located in between Sale Hall and Robert Hall on the historic campus, the Counseling Resource Center is a healing and personal growth community dedicated to counseling, teaching and advocating for students at Morehouse. As such, the Counseling Resource Center offers these services through direct counseling, advocating, consultation with other members of the Morehouse Community, and training. These methods are used to heal and grow Morehouse students toward but not limited to the following outcomes. Our purpose is to have students that:  

  • Have skills in communications, rational thinking, and interpersonal relationships;
  • Have an understanding and appreciation of diversity, individual expression, and the nature of humanity;
  • Have an understanding and appreciation of the specific knowledge and skills needed for the pursuit of responsible marriage, family and community life;
  • Have the personal attributes of self-confidence, tolerance, morality, ethical behavior, global thought, local activism, and a commitment to social justice and ecological sustainability.