The Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson STEM Scholarship Initiative in honor of Dr. Roderic I. Pettigrew ‘72

Case for Support

Supporting the Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson STEM Scholarship Initiative is more than an investment in scholars with a proven aptitude for their respective area of scientific study, it is an integral part of strengthening the Division of Science and Mathematics-one of three of the College’s successful academic divisions dedicated to providing an educational environment focused on issues of ped-agogy, student assessment, curricular design, advisement and student achievement. Explicitly, this scholarship aims to: 

  • Increase the number of Morehouse students pursuing graduate degrees in the sciences, mathematics and engineering;
  • Influence scholarly, scientific activities emphasizing strong student-faculty and alumni interaction that includes seminars, courses, multidisciplinary initiatives and research-based men toring; and
  • Intensify student recruitment and research.

For nearly 150 years, Morehouse College has been a beacon of academic excellence for African-American men and an educa-tional landmark that encourages leadership, self -discovery and innovation. With more than one-third of its students declaring STEM majors, the College also leads the nation in the preparation of African-American men for careers in the sciences, engineering, computer science, and mathematics.

The Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson STEM Scholarship Initiative is designed to increase minority students’ participation in emerging scientific and technology fields, while complementing the College’s existing science programs and research initiatives. Ultimately, this award will honor distinguished alumni, while continuing Morehouse’s longstanding legacy of preparing African-American males for leading positions in a variety of disciplines and STEMulating some of the world’s greatest scientific minds.