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Enroll for the Defending Tiger 4 Life Recurring gift program. The easiest way to consistently make a gift to the College. 

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4! 

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Every DT4L member receives a gift for enrolling. #DT4L #DefendingTiger4Life 

The financial needs of the typical Man of Morehouse increases year after year and spans a broad range of $1,500 to over $30k per student. It’s as if the cost are set on autopilot. Imagine the position our students could be in if we shift our giving into autopilot. The impact that our reunion class can make on addressing the needs of at least one student per year can save a Man of Morehouse, keep him in school and provide him with an opportunity for a better future than what may exist for him if he were to leave.

See the impact below if 30% of our class gives $25 per month and becomes a Defending Tiger 4 Life.


Class Count

Target Enrollees Needed @30%

Monthly Combined Amount @$25/mo.

Annual Class Impact







Join the “DT4L” and help us Protect Our House. Invest In Our Future. Every Year. 

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